IAM provide advice for driving on snow

6th February 2012

Whether fitted with winter tyres or not, the Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) has today issued advice for motorists braving the elements.

The comments come as the UK faces the brunt of the February winter snap, with snow fall seen across the UK over the past weekend.

This weather brings increasingly treacherous road conditions for UK drivers with reduced grip and increased breaking distances the result.

While winter tyres provide one way to combat these road difficulties, IAM chief examiner Peter Rodger has called on drivers to consider whether they need to drive before departing.

"Don't drive unless it's completely necessary and check the conditions for your entire journey. Can you work remotely, or change your schedule?" he said.

He called on drivers to ensure they drive at a moderate speed – not too fast and not too slow – while also staying in a higher gear for better control.

Good visibility is crucial before setting off with drivers advised to avoid high revs and opt for steering out of trouble rather than breaking.

Posted by Danielle Barge