Most fleet managers not offering winter driving training

21st December 2011

Only 37.5 per cent of fleet managers have incorporated winter driving into their training programmes, according to a new poll. hosted the poll on its website, which shows that – as of December 21st – 25 per cent do not include it.

While winter tyres can help motorists cope on the roads during the colder months, training is also a key way of avoiding accidents across your fleet.

However, the poll reveals – somewhat alarmingly – that more than a third (37.5 per cent) of the website's audience have not even considered incorporating winter driving.

Even if such training is not incorporated, purchasing winter tyres for fleet vehicles is a good idea if your cars and trucks will be on the road in icy and snowy conditions.

As soon as temperatures drop below seven degrees Celsius, the compound used to make these tyres is more effective at gripping to the road.

On top of this, the special tread patterns on these tyres help to ensure that they do not get clogged up with snow and ice.


Posted by Danielle Barge