Motorists must “start making preparations” for winter driving, says ASDA

29th November 2011

Car owners must make preparations to ensure their vehicles are ready for winter, according to supermarket giant and car insurance provider ASDA.

Winter tyres are just one of the important considerations for road users in December given the cold temperatures and potentially icy conditions.

However, ASDA has highlighted three other important tips to ensure cars are "roadworthy, legal, reliable and – above all- safe."

While engine oil is an important consideration in any car, ASDA believes that it is crucial to make sure engine antifreeze is correctly mixed and topped up.

"Car engines can overheat and in some cases physically crack if the antifreeze mixture is too weak or not present at all," an ASDA spokesperson warned.

The insurance firm recommended that if in any doubt, drivers [should] check antifreeze levels with a qualified mechanic.

Visibility was also key to the ASDA advice with the firm warning motoristsnot to drive with a dirty windscreen and to keep a topped up bottle of screen wash rather than water "which could freeze".

Clearing windows and windscreens of frost and snow is also crucial in bad weather, particularly as failing to clear these could see you face fines and points on your license from police.

The tips come as UK drivers enter a dangerous period of the year for road accidents, with the Department for Transport recording over 18,000 crashes as a result of snow or ice in 2010.

Posted by Danielle Barge