Motorists ‘putting cost above safety’ with winter tyres refusal, says Mondial

6th January 2012

Too many motorists are putting cost above safety when it comes to winter tyres by choosing not to fit compounds, according to roadside assistance firm Mondial Assistance.

The warning comes after a survey conducted by the company found that 66 per cent of motorists said they would not be fitting winter tyres this year, with 46 per cent citing the expense of winter compounds as the main reason for not buying the compounds.

These results came despite government figures indicating that 18,000 road accidents in the UK were caused by snow or ice in winter.

Winter tyres are designed to remain flexible when temperatures fall below seven degrees centigrade and can improve grip on ice thanks to the complex tread patterns.

Lee Taylor, Mondial Assistance automotive director also warned: “In some regions across the UK we are seeing snowfall like we saw last year, and many motorists will be risking the increased chance of an accident or at the very least, getting stuck."

"Winter tyres offer increased performance and safety, helping to keep you on the road and reduce the risk of an accident for several winters to come.”

Posted by Danielle Barge