Police tell motorists not to mix standard and winter tyres

15th February 2012

Motorists on Cumbria's roads have been told to keep a close eye on the treads of their car tyres and choose either all standards or all winter compounds.

According to the News and Star, Cumbria police made the plea after it counted more than 100 crashes occurring as a result of freezing conditions this month.

With roads more hazardous than ever during the winter months, specialist offers said it is better to fit four winter tyres or none at all, rather than mixing and matching, which can result in much less control over the vehicle on icy roads.

Tyre safety expert PC Shaun McKeown said that winter tyres do offer significant improvements to a car's ability to grip the road, so long as they are used correctly.

"We’re strongly advising people that it’s safest to fit winter tyres. I tested some with Goodyear last year and in wintry conditions the difference in stopping distance was about eight car lengths," he was quoted as saying.

“Even so, it is safer to use all standard tyres rather than mixing the types."

A poll by FleetNews.co.uk conducted in December indicated that nearly a quarter of firms are not offering their drivers training on how to operate vehicles in hazardous weather conditions.

Posted by Danielle Barge