Prepare your car for cold weather, says Highways Agency

2nd February 2012

Preparing your car with winter compounds and spare tyres alongside other preparations are essential before embarking on any journey, according to the Highways Agency.

The comments come after the Met Office issued a cold weather alert for the UK, with temperatures of minus three forecast for London and Birmingham.

At these temperatures, winter tyres are likely to provide drivers with improved handling, given that the compounds are designed to stay soft in temperatures under seven degrees.

But regardless of tyres use, Highways Agency winter team member Jason Glasson believes drivers should be ready for any number of eventualities in the cold weather snap.

“Although the forecast suggests you are unlikely to need a snow shovel this week, you should make sure you have plenty of warm clothing for you and your passengers," he said.

“It’s particularly important you give yourself extra time to prepare for your journey on a cold morning and don’t drive off until you and your car are ready."

The Highways Agency has also announced that a 500-strong gritting fleet is ready to deal with any problems involving the UK road network.

Posted by Danielle Barge