Road safety a priority for fleet drivers during winter months

13th December 2011

Winter may have been mild for the majority of the UK so far, but fleet drivers are being warned that bad weather will still likely wreak havoc with motoring conditions over the next few months.

The Fleet Safety Forum, a service run by road safety group Brake, has published new guidance for fleet managers and drivers, in an attempt to ensure that correct road safety procedures are properly observed.

Its publication comes in the wake of government statistics, suggesting that 33 per cent of all fatal road crashes occur when roads are wet, icy or covered in snow.

One way to reduce the risk of accident in these conditions is to equip vehicles with winter tyres, which have specially-designed tread patterns and are made from compounds that offer noticeable improvements in braking distances in temperatures of seven degrees Celsius and below.

However, the new guidance also highlights that bad weather driving conditions are becoming more of an all-year-round issue, not just confined to the winter months.

Commenting on the publication, Roz Cumming, development manager at Brake, said: "While attention in the UK turns to winter, the Fleet Safety Forum wants to highlight the risks associated with driving in bad weather at any time."

Posted by Danielle Barge