Take ‘extra care’ driving this winter even with cold weather tyres

11th November 2011

UK motorists should take extra care while driving this winter even if they have fitted cold weather tyres, it has been claimed.

David Williams, chief executive of breakdown organisation and road safety association GEM Motoring Assist, expressed his belief that drivers should be vigilant during the winter months even if they have adapted their car for the snow-covered and icy roads.

He said: "Winter tyres are an excellent idea but drivers should still consider their driving habits.

"The most important issue for us is making sure motorists, whatever tyres they have fitted, take extra care when driving in wintery conditions."

Mr Williams added that drivers should slow down to prevent serious accidents this winter and avoid driving at all if the weather is particularly severe.

Although a recent survey revealed that car insurance firms do not deem fitting winter tyres to be a modification, it is considered best practice to alert insurers of any changes made to a vehicle. 

Posted by Danielle Barge