Winter tyre orders on the rise

4th October 2012

With ATS Euromaster recording a rise in the number of orders it is receiving for its range of winter tyres, hopes that October and the forthcoming cold months will be a safer time for UK motorists are high.

Last month, figures produced by the government indicated that there had been a rise in the number of accidents related to illegal, under-inflated or defective car tyres over the course of 2011.

The figures, produced by the Department for Transport, provided a stark wakeup call ahead of Tyresafe's tyre safety month.

October effectively represents the beginning of the winter months across the UK too, with data from the Met Office showing that, in 2011, there were 147 separate days between October 1st and March 31st in which temperatures fell below seven degrees Celsius during the primetime commuting hours of ten UK cities.

This colder climate brings icy road conditions and also problems for standard car tyres, which can lose their grip and also suffer increased wear as a result.

But while some might be concerned that motorists may fail to address these compound worries, as ATS Euromaster reports, the demand for winter tyres among these drivers has proven healthy.

In fact, data provided by the tyre-fitting specialist shows that fleet customers alone have already placed a significant amount of orders for these cold weather alternatives, with an 80 per cent increase in purchases for winter 2012/13 compared with last year.

This follows up on an increase of around 200 per cent in cold weather tyre purchases, which was witnessed between 2010 and 2011.

Noting the rising demand, ATS Euromaster group sales director Peter Fairlie explained that in many instances, firms were unaware of the obvious benefits until they chose to buy tyres from the provider's range.

“Every major fleet customer which asked us to fit cold weather tyres last year is maintaining that commitment this winter," he explained.

"This growth demonstrates that once managers and drivers have experienced the benefits of winter tyres, they don’t want to be without them."

Mr Fairlie said that, for many businesses that are reliant on vehicle transportation, these compounds can prove a solid long-term investment, with the reduction in tyre wear countering any additional cost generated through the purchase.

Avoiding any potentially dangerous road accidents and the various legal liability issues, not to mention the potential downtime in business services created by  such a crash, are also important considerations.

After all, winter tyres are designed not only to enhance grip, but also reduce braking distances and overall damage to ensure driving stays as safe as possible.

And, as Fairlie is keen to add, winter tyres are designed to ensure haulage firms keep moving during a busy but challenging period of the year.

"They help to keeps fleets mobile and reduce the number of days when snow and ice keeps company drivers off the road,” he said.

With firms like ATS Euromaster not only supplying new tyres but also offering services for a range of vehicle needs, it seems that drivers up and down the country will be in safe hands during tyre safety month.

Be safe this winter. Find a wide range of quality winter tyres online at ATS Euromaster.

Posted by Danielle Barge