Winter tyres are worth investing in, motoring website argues

28th November 2012

Motoring enthusiast website has been busy arguing the case for winter tyres, which it suggests are well worth investing in.

Anyone who is concerned about the cost should do further investigation, the website states, as prices can start as low as £50 for a 16 inch wheel, which adds up to £240 for a set. suggests that £240 is nothing when you compare that to "the cost of what could go wrong without sufficient winter grip".

The website also argues that £240 is a small price to pay for your safety, that of your passengers and other motorists and road users.

Winter tyres give extra grip when the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius and provide shorter stopping distances in damp and cold conditions.

Tyre safety organisation Tyresafe states that the improved grip "together with sophisticated multi-stripe tread patterns [provides a] combination that no summer tyre can match". 

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Posted by Danielle Barge