Winter tyres for home and abroad

31st December 2012

British people are taking more and more self-drive holidays to hit the slopes at various European ski resorts. With this in mind, it is important to make sure you have the best tyres on your vehicle, so that it doesn’t end up taking a skiing trip of its own.

With the importance of winter tyres highlighted in the UK, it should not be forgotten that the colder and icier climates of European ski resorts offer an increased danger on the roads.

Micheldever Tyre Services (MTS) note that in the UK, fitting winter tyres to a vehicle is not as common as it is in other European countries – despite an increase in the UK within the past couple of years.

Under national legislation in Germany, travellers to winter ski resorts have been subject to on-the-spot fines if a car becomes stuck and is found to have unsuitable tyres. Winter tyres are far better equipped to deal with the very cold and icy conditions than the common summer tyres.

The Department of Transport has said that international conventions allow vehicles to circulate in international traffic provided they meet general technical requirements. However, this should not stop you from ensuring that your vehicle is at the highest standard of safety possible, to prevent you and your family from ending up in an accident.

For regular visitors to European ski resorts, MTS recommends that drivers should keep an alternative set of seasonal tyres, or consider fitting all season tyres to their vehicle. All season tyres are more capable than summer tyres with dealing with ice and cold, but do not provide the same high standards that winter tyres do.

In addition to ensuring the correct suitability of your tyres, MTS have also issued advice about several checks you should undertake before setting off on any journey.

Checking tyres for general marks, wear and tear should be essential. Tyre pressure should also be checked, as not only will it increase road safety, but will also improve fuel economy.

Tread depth should be a minimum of 3mm for any winter tyre. This rule is common for most countries. Do not neglect to check your spare tyre as well, making sure it is appropriate for use if it comes to it.

ATS Euromaster offer a great selection of winter tyres, at very favourable prices. Before the long journey across the continent, why not take your vehicle to one of the many ATS centres across the UK for a free tyre safety check, and let the experts give you the best advice for safety on your trip.

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