Winter tyres ‘should be fitted in areas where they look appropriate’

8th March 2013

Motorists across the UK have been told of the benefits that winter tyres can bring to a road trip when it is undertaken during freezing weather conditions.

Matthew Beecham, from automotive information, insight and intelligence provider Just-Auto, has been speaking to executives at well-known tyre manufacturer Bridgestone about the appeal of these particular products.

When asked whether the fitting of winter and summer tyres should become a standard part of the European Union’s road laws, one of the tyre maker’s spokespeople stated: “Bridgestone are recommending fitment of winter tyres in areas where, according to the climate, it looks appropriate.

“Bridgestone would leave to the country or region responsible for legislation if winter/summer tyre fitment should be standard.”

The executives at Bridgestone were keen to add to Just-Auto that the manufacturer does have a wide range of winter tyres available to suit any climate.

For example, the A001 is an all-weather tyre from the firm that is perfect for the moderate wintry conditions usually seen across the UK and Ireland. Meanwhile, the studded Noranza EVO2 products would be more appropriate for drivers about to pursue a winter road trip to the extreme regions of Scandinavia.

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Posted by Danielle Barge