Winter tyres should be used as roads stay icy, warns Meteogroup

9th February 2012

Motorists should continue to drive carefully and use winter tyres where possible, regardless of any rise in temperatures in the UK, according to Meteogroup.

Severe yellow weather warnings are still in place across the UK at present, with drivers advised to be as careful as possible when travelling.

But despite this advice, some motorists may take a more relaxed approach to the current advice, with temperatures likely to rise over the coming weekend.

However European weather forecast firm MeteoGroup has called on drivers to continue to adhere to these rules for the rest of the month.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily Mail, MeteoGroup forecaster Nick Prebble warned:"Road temperatures in winter can be a couple of degrees centigrade lower than the air temperature, so there’s still a risk of ice on the roads."

The advice comes after compound safety group Tyresafe called on UK drivers to check the tread depth on their tyres before embarking on any trips.

Posted by Danielle Barge