World’s first road statistic counter launches

12th April 2013

The first site to track road-related costs in real-time,, was launched yesterday, April 11th. The website logs all manner of transportation stats, including petrol and diesel consumption, bike thefts, car breakdowns and miles driven. was devised by car breakdown provider ETA, and is based on the driving habits of 800,000 motorists.

According to the website, British motorists are paying £1,000 a second in fuel duty and emitting over 300 billion kilograms (or one third of a million tons) of CO2 per day. The unfathomably huge statistics continue: 100 million litres of fuel are consumed and 1,000 bicycles are stolen every day.

More cars breakdown in the south-east than anywhere else in the country, nearly 5,000 a day. The south-west comes second with 1,808 breakdowns, with the north-east placing third with just over 1,000 per day.

On a daily basis, 85,000 tyres are replaced.

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Posted by Danielle Barge