Worn tyres a concern in Wales

28th December 2012

Police in Wales have been conducting stop-checks to see whether drivers were travelling on illegal or unsafe tyres.

During a week in November, police examined 1,016 vehicles and issued 56 drivers with penalty notices.

Almost 100 endorsable fixed penalty notices were also issued – meaning that the driver will receive three points on their licence for every defective tyre.

Other offences discovered on the checks include: document offences, lighting defects, drugs offences, tachograph offences and failed breath tests.

Two drivers were even stopped from driving and summoned to court due to the severe condition of their tyres.

Chair of Road Safety Wales Susan Storch said: “Every day on Welsh roads people are taking chances with their lives by driving defective vehicles. During the winter period it is more important than ever that vehicles are roadworthy, legal and safe. Don’t forget that your tyres are the only parts of the car which are in contact with the road.

“Correct tyre maintenance and care is critical for your safety no matter what type of vehicle you are driving.”

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Posted by 56 drivers issued penalty notice for the poor state of their vehicles tyres