Worn tyres chief problem as Hull police clamp down on 1,383 faulty cars

24th February 2012

Police are becoming increasingly concerned at the spate of motorists failing to replace badly worn tyres with new compounds.

It follows the latest clampdown on motorists driving poorly maintained cars, with Humberside police in Hull launching a campaign against drivers in the region.

A total of 1,383 cars had faults with 413 given vehicle defect forms that require them to visit garages and MOT centres to repair their vehicles in the next two weeks.

Another 211 drivers were referred to courses while 759 received a fixed penalty ticket, with drivers also receiving three points on their license.

Speaking to This is Hull and East Riding, PC Keith Ward admitted that insufficient tyre tread depth was a common problem among the motorists stopped.

"I put the problems with tyres down to the recession. People are tightening their belts and getting their cars serviced less frequently," he said.

"They are probably looking at their tyres and thinking they will last a bit longer, but it is crucial that people check them.
"The tyre is the only thing between you and the road. It is what keeps your car safely on the road."

The campaign follows similar clampdowns in Middlesborough and Yorkshire.

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