Yorkshire roads most congested in UK

10th July 2012

Spare a thought for drivers in Yorkshire today, after new research revealed that the region is the worst for congestion during rush hour travel times.

The findings come as part of a new study into traffic times that has been conducted by satellite navigation firm TomTom.

According to the research, the Leeds and Bradford area was the most congested in the UK, with drivers in Yorkshire spending around 86 hours a year stuck in traffic jams.

Journey times were around 63 per cent longer than normal in morning peak periods, and 60 per cent worse in the evening rush hour period.

Overall, congestions slowed journey times in the region by around 28 per cent. These figures place the Yorkshire region above even London for traffic problems, jams in the capital causing a 27 per cent delay in journey times and travelling around 50 per cent worse in the evening rush hour.

TomTom's head of congestion research Nick Cohn, said: "It is amazing that Leeds-Bradford has overtaken London in our congestion ranking, with journeys in the area taking up to 63 per cent longer in the morning rush-hour.

"It shows that congestion is not limited to the capital, but is rapidly spreading around the UK's regional cities"

A total of 31 cities across Europe were examined in the study, which found that Poland was the most congested city in the region with journey times up to 89 per cent long in the morning and 42 per cent longer throughout the day.

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