Young drivers attracted to expensive cars, survey reveals

12th June 2012

Young people continue to be impressed by expensive cars, according to new research, which shows that owning a flash vehicle could impact on your perceived level of attractiveness.

The finding come as part of a new survey of 2,056 UK adults commissioned by

According to their research, while the overall majority of 69 per cent of UK adults think that your car makes little difference to how attractive you are, there is a marked difference when looking at the responses from younger motorists.

Exactly a third of those aged 18-24 that were questioned as part of the survey said they felt expensive cars made people look more attractive, while just under a quarter of those aged 25-34 felt car choice played an important role. spokesperson Richard Lawton said: "Young people often yearn for an expensive, flashy motor; something that for most is out of their reach. It is understandable therefore that they are drawn to people who have a nice car and believe it adds something to their appeal."

Thankfully for those with inferior motors, the overall findings showed that just 13 per cent of all motorists thought an expensive car made the difference, with just one in five of those aged 65 and over noting that it mattered.

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