Young motorists fear snow and ice

3rd July 2012

New research by The Co-operative Insurance has revealed that over four in ten young drivers fear driving in snow and icy conditions.

A total of 43 per cent of the 18 to 24-year-olds drivers polled listed these wintery conditions as their biggest concern as part of the study which looked at driving dreads among young motorists.

And as the findings revealed, while the fitting of winter tyres can help ease some of the concerns related to snow and ice, when it came to some of these youngsters' other fears, the solution may not be so simple.

The research found that 30 per cent of young drivers feared travelling on roads they had not been on before while 27 per cent still had trouble with parallel parking.

A further 19 per cent feared driving in city centres while 18 per cent of drivers dislike travelling in their car on motorways. Worse still, 13 per cent of drivers dreaded roundabouts and ten per cent hated reversing.

Grant Mitchell, head of Motor Insurance at The Co-operative, said: "We can see that many young people actually lack the confidence they need on the road.

"There are simple steps that young people can take to overcome their driving fears, for example, practising driving in different weather conditions before taking their driving test."

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