AA: UK drivers could be caught out by MOT changes

20th October 2011

UK drivers could be caught out by changes to the MOT test which will result in motorists potentially footing larger bills, according to the AA.

Under incoming European Union rules, electronic stability control (ESC) systems will need to be in working order, as well as equipment such as electric seat adjustment motors and factory-fitted tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS).

ESC systems are set to become mandatory on new cars from 1st November 2012 but these new MOT regulations will apply to both new vehicles and older cars which have them fitted.

Edmund King, president of the AA, said: "We think it's right that the MOT test keeps up with technology – that's a move in the right direction. But if you look at technology legislation, you are normally given a date from which it applies.

"Some people will be caught out unfairly because they were early adopters. A degree of flexibility with older vehicles would have been good."

Motoring magazine Auto Express has conduced a study which shows that the bill to repair ESC systems could reach £2,000, while repairing an electric seat adjustment motor can cost upwards of £1,500.

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