Is your air con unit ready to take on summer?

17th June 2013

As temperatures heat up across the UK, the importance of having a powerful, efficient air conditioning system is becoming all too clear for motorists. Sitting in stalled traffic in sweltering, close conditions can quickly become uncomfortable, if not agonising. Hence why air conditioning is so important this time of year – it can provide respite in times of need, easing the discomfort caused by extreme heat.

Many motorists neglect their air con unit throughout the winter, allowing refrigerant to leak – the most common cause of malfunctioning air con units. An expert mechanic can identify the source of the leak, patch it up and get you out on the road again, ready to take on summertime weather.

The benefits of a functional air con unit are plenty, extending beyond keeping you cool. Maintaining a comfortable climate within your car can impact fuel economy, tailpipe emissions and your attentiveness behind the wheel. For those who suffer from hay fever, take note: air conditioning units can help reduce pollen levels in your vehicle.

Take your car into ATS Euromaster, where a trained expert will check your refrigerant levels, air filter and overall air con unit performance.

Posted by Efficient air con units are crucial for motorists in the summer.