Regular air conditioning services crucial

12th December 2013

A car air conditioning system is a vital element of a vehicle in both the summer and winter months. It may sound odd, but air conditioning can come in useful when the weather takes a turn for the worse.

It can be used to demist the windscreen of a car and also remove any moisture from the air within a cabin, reducing the likelihood of condensation inside the vehicle.

With air conditioning being such a vital part of the vehicle and having such an impact on comfort for drivers and passengers it is vital that drivers take an interest in it and do what they can to ensure it is in good working order.

Check for faults

Regular checks on air con are vital as this is where faults can be spotted and rectified, before the problem becomes expensive.

Squeaking sounds, similar to the squeal of a worn fan belt, can indicate a problem with the system and should be investigated by a trained professional.

Let the system run

Running the systems for short spells on a regular basis is important and it will prevent the hardening of hoses within the system or the failure of compressor seals. Pushing the air conditioning to its coldest setting and the highest fan speed will clean out any moisture and prevent any build ups in the system.

Get the system checked

Having the system checked by a trained professional will ensure that it is running at full power. This process will help to give the air conditioning components a once over, removing any harmful bacteria or fungus, which can build up in the moist system if left on its own. Trained professionals can carry out this service quickly and easily

Get a recharge

Over time air conditioning systems can lose some of the gases involved in the cooling process, which means the effectiveness of the system is reduced. Car manufacturers recommend air conditioning recharges every two years.

The process is quick and easy and can be carried out while drivers wait, meaning they can drive away their recharged vehicle minutes later.

Posted by Danielle Barge