Signs your aircon needs servicing

Signs your aircon needs servicing 24th June 2014

Summer has arrived and for many drivers this means that they will be cranking up their aircon so that they can keep their cars cool.

That said, some may find that if their aircon stops working then they are loathe to pay for it to be repaired. Often drivers feel that as it is not an essential part for passing their MOT then they do not need to keep it working. However, as well as keeping drivers cool and comfortable when on the roads, they are also important for de-misting windscreens clear as they pump dry air around the car and can quickly remove condensation the obstructs views.

However, over time, aircon will be subject to wear and tear as well as other instances of damage as autoparts generally do. There are ways to tell if it is time for a vehicle to have its aircon serviced.

Time is an important factor as it is recommended that drivers have their aircon system recharged with gas and lubricant every two years. The reason for this is that, on average, ten per cent of air permeates from the system every year. As a result, the aircon loses efficiency and can be a bigger drain on fuel and put a higher level of strain on the vehicle when used regularly.

Additionally, a common issue that can arise in aircon systems is that bacteria and mold can gather in the air vents. The usual way to tell if this is happening is if odd and repugnant smells start to come through when the aircon is in use. This can be caused either by rare usage of air conditioning or frequently having it at maximum and it is best to have it checked over and fixed by a technician.

A noisy compressor can also be a sign that it is time you got you aircon system serviced. While it is normal to hear some minor noises from the engine or hoses when the system is on, anything more could be a sign that something needs work.

Posted by Danielle Barge