Spring cleaning for your car

8th April 2013

As the mercury rises and the UK welcomes milder weather, Brits are hitting the road to get out and explore the great outdoors. Ahead of the spring season, two prominent organisations have launched campaigns to encourage proper vehicle care, including TyreSafe’s PACT programme and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders’ ‘Minute or Two’ MOT test prep programme. Between the two campaigns, are drivers doing all they can to make sure their car is ready to go this season?

The answer is no, drivers should be doing more.

Here’s how to negate the damaging effects of winter and ensure your car is in shape to take on spring and summer weather.

The first and most important step is performing an air conditioning check. On warm days, you’ll want to make sure your car is as cool and comfortable as possible. ATS Euromaster offers regular checks to keep your air con system operating at optimal performance. If your system is already running smoothly, it’s worth checking anyway for peace of mind. Plus, if nothing’s wrong, ATS Euromaster won’t charge you a penny.

The car servicer recommends an air con recharge every two years to ensure the system is running efficiently. Bear in mind that most cars’ annual servicing does not include air conditioning inspections. You’ll want to have this done before the weather get too hot.

Next on the list: spring cleaning. It’s not just for the home, your car needs it, too. Salt and sand slowly damage paint, so after months of slow wear, you’ll want to give your car’s exterior a thorough scrub down to prevent further surface damage. Pay special attention to the bottom of car doors which collect grime. Finally, seal the coat with wax – either paste or liquid will do the trick.

Clean window channels and apply a silicone spray, which will banish dirt and ensure your windows continue operating smoothly.

If possible, rent a steam cleaner for the interior of your vehicle. Apply a rug-cleaning spray if not, and make sure you brush out all salt and dirt from the carpeting. You’ll want to replace wiper blades, too.

Your car’s underbody could use a clean sweep as well, as wintertime driving creates a buildup of salt, sand and grime to accumulate. All it really needs is a hosedown – no soap is required. Next, focus your attention under the hood. Pop it open and wipe the engine down with a soft mitt or towel with soapy water. Remove any visible debris.
Lastly, top off fluids if they need it.

If you don’t have time or just don’t feel comfortable giving your car a thorough spring cleaning, you can take it into ATS Euromaster and let the pros do the work for you, all for minimal cost. Standard vehicle maintenance servicing costs as little as £79.

Planning a road trip this spring? ATS Euromaster can make sure your car’s up to the task.