UK motorists spend £102 million on air con repairs

26th June 2012

While fixing problems with brakes or car exhausts may appear the most important aspect of any repair work, new research has shown that UK motorists spend a whopping £102 million a year car air conditioning repairs.

The figure was uncovered by Warranty Direct, which revealed the growing cost of fixing this vehicle feature, which can often play a crucial role during the hot summer months.

According to the findings, motorists can get stuck with an average bill of £426 to fix these systems, with Porsche owners likely to pay out the most.

The study showed that the German manufacturer's vehicles are the most prone to air con breakdown, with Seat and Chrysler the next most faulty.

Simple malfunction was cited as the most common cause of faults with underuse of the system also contributing to problems, as the compressor within can often fail when only used in hot weather.

And while the average cost may be £426, the investigation uncovered that in some instances, motorists had to pay as much as £2,292 to undergo a car air conditioning service.

Warranty Direct managing director Duncan McClure Fisher noted that while these issues would not leave a motorist stranded, they could be left very much out of pocket.

“Temperatures have already peaked above 28-degrees this year and it is usually the summertime when drivers realise their air-con has packed up," he said.

"We highly recommend that drivers use the air-con from time-to-time, even if it is not particularly hot, to keep it in good order."

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Posted by Written by Danielle Barge