Change car batteries before they die

26th June 2013

Being proactive with vehicle maintenance is always a sensible idea – and this is particularly the case where car batteries are concerned.

Many drivers will have had it happen to them – you're about to set off on an important journey and the car won't start. The reason being the battery is flat.

Car batteries which are more than five years old can be considered higher risk, so if yours fits into this category it may be worth getting it changed at your own convenience.

Once your battery shows signs of struggling – and it becomes more of an effort to start the car – it is probably worth paying a visit to the garage.

Choosing when to replace a working battery means there are no unwanted breakdowns, and no callouts from the side of the road.

Your car may be off the road for a short while when the work is done, but this minimises the risk of a roadside emergency in the future.

And you can choose when the car goes into the garage, meaning your vehicle is available as and when you need it.

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