Watch out for battery corrosion this summer

Watch out for battery corrosion this summer 25th June 2014

When setting out on a journey this summer, finding that the car will not start will put a spanner in the works. One of the main reasons why cars may fail to start is down to a problem with the car battery, which is why drivers should be on the look out for such problems as corrosion.

This issue tends to occur on the terminals and can be rather destructive as well as problematic. Battery corrosion can obstruct the flow of energy and drain the cells. What's more, the corrosion can spread to any paper or cloth that it comes into contact with, which could prove damaging to your vehicle.

It is important to clean away the corrosion as this will help to eliminate the problem, at least temporarily. Yet what is more effective is to have an expert technician look at the vehicle and work out what may be causing the corrosion in the first place. They can give you a proper battery service and tell you honestly if it is time to have your battery replaced.

The cause of battery corrosion can be put down to a number of factors which result in leaking gas or fluid.

For example, it is important to make sure that all connections are secure so as not to allow for any leakage. The way to check this is by seeing if the connector is tight and doesn't move when the driver tries to twist the post or move the bolt about. They should also look at where the wires attach to the connector, making sure that they are secure and that the copper wires are properly twisted.

Leaking gas can also result in battery corrosion, which can be caused by a missing, loose fitting or cracked battery cap. This can then allow the gases to seep out and become catalysed when they come into contact with the lead on battery posts, resulting in terminals becoming corroded. Pinhole cracks in the battery casing or punctures from repeated rubbing against a screw or bolt can also cause corrosion.

Posted by Danielle Barge