What to do if the car won’t start

What to do if the car won't start 28th November 2014

Most drivers will have experienced one of the most frustrating winter driving failures at some point or another – the car simply won't start on a cold morning. 

It's one of the most common issues at this time of year, with the drop in temperature causing issues with batteries running flat and leaving drivers turning their key to no reaction from the car. 

If your car won't start, though, do you know the next steps you need to take? 

  • Be proactive, not reactive. Often, it will be possible to diagnose an issue with the battery before your car won't start. When the weather gets colder at the start of winter, you may start to hear your battery labouring in the morning. If this happens, don't wait for that morning where the inevitable happens – you turn the key and nothing happens. Take your car in to have the battery changed before the issue gets any worse. 
  • Call for help. If the car won't start, most people will automatically try to source a jump start. If you're not confident in doing this, though, it's best to call in an expert to charge your battery and check its health. 
  • Read the manual. Even for those who are confident of carrying out a jump start, it's vital to make sure you have checked the car's manual before starting. Some manufacturers recommend never jump starting their vehicles, while others will have specific step by step instructions that need to be followed. 
  • Check for causes. If your battery is otherwise healthy, there can be any number of reasons that your car hasn't started. Often, it will be the result of something being left on and draining your battery. So check things like headlights and interior lights are off to make sure the chances of it happening again are reduced. 

Posted by Danielle Barge