Why it’s time to check your battery

Why it's time to check your battery 27th August 2014

One of the most common reasons for a car failing to start is if the battery is flat. At this time of year, it is important to make sure your battery will be able to last throughout the coming months.

As the weather gets colder, it takes more energy from your battery to get your car to start up. Therefore, your battery will be more likely to fail in the autumn and winter months. The risk of a failure is raised if your car is parked outside in the cold.

Adding to the increased demand put on batteries when your car is started up in cold weather is the fact that heaters tend to be used more, which puts an added strain on your battery. Also, as the nights draw in, car lights will need to be used more; this also means battery charge will be used if the engine is off.

This is why now is the best time to call into an ATS Euromaster Centre to have your battery checked. These inspections are free and you will also be given information on how to prevent a premature failure and inconvenience.

On average, a car battery lasts for between five and seven years. Therefore, if your battery is around this age then it is especially important to get it checked.

Driving habits can also affect battery life. For example, if you use your car to mainly do a number of short journeys then this will be bad for your battery's charge. This is because it takes the most energy out of your battery when you start up your car and you need to leave it running for a long period of time to allow it to recharge.

Additionally, if you have a habit of leaving car lights, your radio or any other electrics on when your car is stationary then this will also drain your battery. When starting your car or switching off your ignition, you should make sure your electrics are off to make your battery last longer.

Posted by Danielle Barge