Why you need jump leads

Why you need jump leads 23rd July 2014

It is always best to be prepared for the worst when you are going for a long journey in your car, just in case you find yourself stuck somewhere away from home.

Indeed, it is a nightmare to find yourself stuck with your car parked up and unable to start. Most of the time this is an easy problem to solve as it tends to be caused by a lack of charge in your car battery.

Those that carry jump leads with them will be at an advantage here as they will be able to get their car started again.

What they need to do is get the attention of another driver who is willing and able to help. For example, if they are in a car park then they could wait around for someone to head back to their car and stop them to ask for help. If they are parked at a roadside, their best bet is to try to wave down another car on the move. At a campsite, they should ask around the other campers to see if anyone is able to help.

The reason why it is vital to have jump leads of your own is that there is no guarantee that other drivers will be willing to help. Even if they are, they may not carry jump leads with them. Yet there are simple reasons why the problem of a dead battery can crop up unexpectedly.

As your battery gets older it loses its charge gradually, meaning it will die eventually. After a few years it is worth buying a replacement car battery. Nevertheless, a lot of drivers are willing to take the risk to wait to see if theirs dies first.

Of course, they will be caught out eventually and will want a solution to get going again as quickly as possible. Therefore, for these people, it is especially vital that they have jump leads with them so they can keep going until they get the chance to go and buy a new battery.

Posted by Danielle Barge