Checking brake pads is vitally important

28th June 2013

Drivers should ensure they are aware of the main warning signs that their brakes need replacing.

If your vehicle makes a noise, judders or veers to one side when pressure is applied on the brake pedal, it may require a service.

Even if there is not excessive wear to the brake pads or discs, it could be indicative of another problem – such as a mechanical or hydraulic component sticking or seizing.

Vehicle owners should recognise that wear and tear over a period of time will reduce the effectiveness of their brakes.

And as such, it is important that these are assessed during an MOT to ensure the brakes remain fully operational. describes an automobile's braking system as "the most important part of a vehicle".

"A car that can't start is an inconvenience; a car that can't stop is downright dangerous," the site stated.

Posted by Drivers need to ensure they have their brake pads checked at regular intervals.