How to tell if your car brakes are faulty

How to tell if your car brakes are faulty 28th August 2014

Being able to stop quickly and safely is of the utmost importance when you are behind the wheel of a car, which is why faulty brakes can quickly land a driver in an accident.

It is essential to be able to identify signs that your brakes are getting worn out so as to avoid putting yourself in danger. While it is not always obvious if your brakes are in need of repairs, there are a few things that may crop up as warnings that they may be about to go wrong.

Keep an ear out for any unusual sounds when you are braking. You may hear squeaking when you bring your car to a stop, which is a sign that your brake pads are wearing out. What's more, if you hear a harsh grinding sound when you brake then this means you have completely gone through your brake pads and your metal calipers and rotors are grinding together.

You may also find that your car pulls to one side when you are driving or coming to a stop, which could suggest there is a problem with your braking system. This might mean you have a stuck caliper, which causes friction on one wheel and causes it to pull in the direction where it is stuck. It could also mean your brake pads are wearing unevenly, which would mean different levels of pressure are applied to your wheels when stopping. Or, it could suggest your calipers are moving unevenly when you are braking.

Another problem you may face could be that your car vibrates or judders when you have to stop. If your pedal is vibrating then this suggests you have warped rotors or your wheels might be misaligned.

Every so often it is worth getting your brakes checked by an expert technician to make sure they are in good working order. Book in to have your brakes checked and repaired fully at your nearest ATS Euromaster Centre.

Posted by Danielle Barge