Improved safety measures needed for high-risk drivers

19th June 2013

Road safety charity Brake has published two reports as part of their campaign to help businesses lower overall costs and risk of managing a fleet. Both publications focus on managing risk for young drivers and increasing safety behind the wheel.

According to Brake’s research and corresponding surveys of fleet managers, young at-work drivers under the age of 24 are 26 per cent more likely to crash than other drivers.

Compliance consultant at Licence Bureau, Les Owen, said: "Companies should positively manage young drivers by checking key areas of risk reduction regularly.  Showing an interest in how they drive will influence the driving.”

Fleet operators can minimise risk by carefully investigating drivers’ records and implementing mandatory training.

In addition, managers can protect driver and fleet safety by keeping their vehicles in good condition. Regular maintenance performed by the experts at ATS Euromaster will ensure fleets are road-ready and safe to drive.

Posted by Brake publishes reports on young, high-risk commercial drivers.