New tyres are “an investment in your safety” warns expert

23rd November 2011

Buying new tyres should be seen as "an investment in your safety" rather that something to forgo if money is tight, according to managing director Gareth Robinson.

Mr Robinson made the comments after a survey conducted by his firm found that a third of the 2,300 British drivers questioned were not planning to repair car problems soon.

The reason cited for opting to avoid fixing car problems, despite the onset of winter, was a lack of money to pay for repairs.

This austerity was also highlighted in other areas of the survey, with ten per cent of those surveyed foregoing comprehensive insurance cover for third party.

Worse still, three per cent of those surveyed admitted to not having any coverage at all.

Meanwhile 80 per cent had never checked their brakes with a further 60 per cent failing to pay attention to the state of their tyres. Additionally, 20 per cent admitted that they knew their tyres were in poor condition but opted to travel anyway.

Mr Robinson said: “Car repair is an expensive outlay but the potential consequences of not fixing those brakes is far worse."

He called on drivers to "keep a separate car fund available for yearly upkeep".

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