Car driven without tyres damages road

23rd October 2012

While most people are aware of the dangers of driving on flat tyres, the message seems to have escaped a Warwick resident who was arrested for driving a car with four flat tyres.

The Warwick Daily News reported that the unnamed 26-year-old had been charged with numerous offences including dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

A police spokesman confirmed that the passenger door was missing from the vehicle and that witnesses "saw him driving the car".

Warwick police gave an indication of the state of the car when they confirmed that not only were the car's tyres flat, they were running on their rims and had damaged the road as a result.

The government states that a car's tyres "must be correctly inflated to the vehicle manufacturer’s specification for the load being carried".

In addition, drivers need to ensure that their tyres do not have cuts and other defects, as well as having the correct tread depth.

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Posted by Danielle Barge