Car maintenance favours costing UK drivers dearly

17th October 2013

Everyone seemingly has a friend who knows a little bit about cars and many motorists turn to these friends for help when something goes wrong with their vehicle.

While these drivers are often looking for a favour and a cheap fix, they often find themselves out of pocket as a new survey has discovered these friends often cause more harm than good.

Halfords revealed that asking family members, neighbours or friends to tackle a small repair job on a vehicle can have costly consequences.

Motorists and households pay out an estimated £300 million every year after being forced to enlist the services of a professional to put right mistakes that have been made.

One in six people surveyed admitted that they regretted asking for and accepting help.

The errors made by well-meaning amateurs range from elementary mistakes involving car batteries, to more serious errors such as using the wrong oil.

Dave Poulter from Halfords said: "Favours can be particularly costly for motorists where a bodged job can damage a car."

The survey indicates how important it is for drivers to trust a trained professional in the first place, particularly ahead of winter when vehicles need to be in top working order.

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