Do your windscreen wipers need replacing?

Do your windscreen wipers need replacing? 21st June 2013

Windscreen wipers are one of the most neglected elements of cars, despite the fact that they’re incredibly important. As such, countless drivers across the UK are substantially increasing their chances of an accident. Old, cracked wiper blades obstruct your view of the road and reduce your ability to perceive and react to hazards. In addition, worn windscreen wipers make driving in wet weather a nightmare.

So how can you tell when yours need replacing? If yours are streaking or failing to evenly wipe moisture and dirt from your windscreen, then it’s probably time for a replacement. As a rule, you’ll probably need a new pair of blades every six to twelve months.

Blades need frequent replacement since rubber deteriorates over time, especially when exposed to natural elements. Direct sunlight can wear your blades out faster than rain or sleet.

Check your blades often to ensure they’re in good condition. Test them when it’s drizzling, so you’ll have peace of mind for when the heavy rain comes, knowing your visibility won’t be hindered.

If your windscreen wipers need replacing, take your car into ATS Euromaster, where a trained technician will change them out for you.

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