Drivers ignorant about car maintenance, research shows

27th November 2012

Many motorists are clueless when it comes to car maintenance and would struggle to be able to check the oil level on their vehicle.

That is the conclusion of research conducted by Britannia Rescue, which revealed that 70 per cent of motorists do not know how to investigate whether there is enough oil in their car.

The research also revealed that only seven per cent of motorists would be able to identify commonly used tools for vehicles such as a tyre pump or car jack.

A further 14 per cent of those questioned admitted to their car breaking down because they had failed to carry out basic car maintenance tests.

Britannia Rescue managing director Peter Horton said: "Regular car maintenance is crucial, whether your car is old or new. Looking after your car will determine the length of time that it remains in good condition and will stop you having to pay expensive repair costs."

He explained that it is vital that drivers learn how to check the level of oil in their car as it can make a car's engine last longer.

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