Are you neglecting your exhaust system?

18th June 2013

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, some motorists overlook their exhaust emissions system, instead paying more attention to oil levels and tyre wear. However, because the exhaust’s primary function is to push noxious fumes like carbon monoxide away from your vehicle, keeping it in good condition is crucial. A malfunctioning car exhaust may allow lethal fumes to enter a vehicle’s cabin, endangering the lives of those within.

A functional, effective exhaust system is critical to maintaining health and well-being of all vehicle occupants. Furthermore, it will keep the engine running smoothly and efficiently.

As a rule, motorists should have their exhaust checked every 10,000 kilometres or 6,250 miles. At the bare minimum, the system should be checked once a year in order to prevent damage or failure.

At ATS Euromaster, an expert will identify problem areas or points of vulnerability in your exhaust system for free. To keep your car running smoothly, our mechanics will replace only the parts that are needed.

Posted by Motorists should keep their exhaust system in good condition to increase fuel efficiency and overall performance.