Drivers facing exhaust refit or £30 fine

8th December 2011

Drivers with custom-built car exhausts could be facing a £30 fine from police if their exhaust noise exceeds a certain level.

The new initiative is being rolled out by police in Bridport, in a bid to deal with the problem of noisy cars causing disruption to the lives of those living in the Dorset town.

As part of the crackdown, special equipment is used to monitor decibel levels of the noise emanating from the exhausts of cars driving through the town.

If any exhaust is found to exceed the legal limit for noise, police will issue a £30 fixed penalty ticket to drivers.

Speaking to ViewOnline, PC Mike Brown, Bridport town community beat officer, said: “We take a large number of calls from the public in relation to anti-social behaviour caused by vehicles. The major complaint made is the noise emitted by the vehicle."

The equipment has already been used by police across ten different forces across the country and if proven effective could be introduced on a nationwide basis.

This could prove a major issue for any car with a custom made exhaust fitted, and could see drivers forced to seek a refit from a garage or face further fines.

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