Exhausts beware! Research shows danger of tailgate pile-ups

1st March 2012

Road safety charity Brake has revealed the startling rise in the number of potential motorway crashes that could be caused by vehicles tailgating, with exhausts at risk to damage.

According to the findings of new research from Brake and Direct Line, 53 per cent of drivers surveyed admitted to driving too close to the motorist in front.

This figure was up on a similar survey conducted seven years ago, which found 49 per cent of drivers were guilty of the practice of tailgating that can lead to exhaust systems damage.

Men were the most common offenders with around three in ten male drivers admitting to travelling too close to the car in front.

Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend admitted more people needed to keep a safe distance between cars warning pile ups can lead to "violent deaths and injuries, and devastation for the families involved.

"We urge all drivers to realise the vital importance of the two second rule, and make a personal commitment to always stick to it," she said.

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