GEM Motoring Assist hopes to make road trips safer

8th March 2013

A well-known road safety organisation is looking to give a helping hand to motorists to ensure that they take personal safety into account when on the nation’s roads.

Breakdown cover firm GEM Motoring Assist has teamed up with the Suzy Lamplugh Trust to create a campaign leaflet which raises awareness of a number of key safety issues that need to be thought about while behind the wheel.

The leaflet, entitled Personal Safety on the Road, is being launched in the run-up to Mother’s Day and is particularly aimed at women who are either travelling alone or with children.

Flick through the document and drivers will be able to read up on some important tips on what to do during a breakdown, how better to maintain their beloved vehicles and what emergency items should be included in every car at all times.

New mum Konnie Huq, who is on the front cover of the new GEM Motoring Assist leaflet, commented: “The vast majority of journeys we make will be free from incident or threat but, occasionally, we may have cause for concern.

“The excellent advice in this booklet should help make car travel safer and less stressful for everyone.”

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Posted by A new personal safety booklet is available for British drivers to read now