Government pledges £30k to pothole app

24th December 2013

The government has pledged £30,000 to cycling charity CTC for it to improve its pothole website and create an Android version of its smartphone application.

Roads minister Robert Goodwill announced the funding, which will help the charity add to its current iOS app, which is used by around nine million iPhone users.

The tool enables motorists to report potholes in their area to the local council, pinpointing their exact location and giving councils a clear and up-to-date picture of the state of their roads.

CTC believes the creation of an Android version of the app could boost usage to 26 million. It is expected to be completed by February 2014, as the start of the period known as "pothole season", when the effects of the winter weather can be seen on the UK's road network.

Mr Goodwill said the funding provided to CTC indicates just how serious the government is when it comes to resolving the pothole epidemic in the UK.

He added: "At best they are an irritation but at worst they can damage vehicles and pose a serious danger to cyclists. That is why we want people to tell councils where to find them so they can fill them in. This app means more people are going to be able to report potholes more easily."

Potholes can cause a number of issues drivers should be on the lookout for while on the roads. Hitting a pothole can damage tyres, causing cracks or bulges, which means motorists should make monitoring their tyres a regular part of their routine in the winter months.

These issues can be resolved by simply fitting new tyres to a vehicle, but potholes can also have further problems, such as impacting wheel alignment.

While the tyres may seem in good condition after hitting a pothole, wheel alignment can be knocked out, leading to uneven tyre wear in the future and the feeling of the car pulling to one side.

These problems can then lead to an increase in fuel consumption and premature tyre wear.

Posted by Danielle Barge