Highways Agency: Check your car before heading out this winter

winter 8th November 2011

The Highways Agency has urged UK drivers to check their car before making any journeys this winter.

The body, which is responsible for England's motorways and other strategic roads, has stepped up its road safety efforts by stocking up on more than a quarter of a million tonnes of salt for the winter, around 25 per cent more than at the same time last year.

However, roads minister Mike Penning claimed that drivers themselves also have to take responsibility for their own safety this winter.

"A few very simple steps taken now, such as putting together a severe weather emergency kit for your car, can reduce the risk of being caught out by the weather," he said.

"Not every journey is essential in severe weather, but if you really must travel in the worst conditions, check your vehicle before you set out; take a severe weather emergency kit; check traffic and weather conditions and always plan your journey."

Drivers should check that their brakes are running efficiently before starting a journey in winter as stopping distances are greatly increased on icy roads, while winter tyres can also help to offer more grip. 

Posted by Danielle Barge