How to give a car the attention it deserves

1st February 2013

Motorists have been encouraged to embrace a "fluid February" by making sure that everything under their car's bonnet is in good working order.

Road safety organisation GEM Motoring Assist acknowledged that a vehicle's engine oil, fuel pumps, screen wash levels and anti-freeze all work to deliver the motor with a clean engine and a much more reliable drive.

With these points in mind and the fact that the UK's temperatures are still struggling to get above zero at the moment, drivers are advised to allow a car's fuel pumps plenty of time to pressurise.

This can be achieved by leaving the vehicle's ignition on for at least five seconds before activating its starter motor.

It should also be remembered that engine oil has to remain at an optimum temperature in order to present the car with the fullest protection.

Therefore, motorists should increase their engine revs and load progressively once they head out on a winter road trip to get their vehicle's engine warm in a quick yet safe manner.

Another top vehicle maintenance tip provided by GEM Motoring Assist is the fact that an engine coolant should contain anti-freeze strength of between 30 and 50 per cent when the UK is experiencing sub-zero temperatures.

These figures are highly important, as dipping below the concentration poses the risk that the car's engine will freeze during the winter months. However, too high a concentration minimises the solution's effectiveness to disperse heat.

When it comes to monitoring a vehicle's screen wash levels, drivers have been urged to regularly check that the bottle is topped up and that the right concentration of solution is being used.

This particular point is something that motorists need to bear in mind not just in winter, but at every point in the year, as it is illegal to drive on roads across the UK in a vehicle that has an empty screen wash bottle.

David Williams, the chief executive of GEM Motoring Assist, underlined: "It's never too late to start taking proper care of your car and, the more attention you give it, the longer it will last if you look after it correctly.

"We hope that these tips encourage motorists to carry on maintaining their vehicle long after New Year resolutions and good intentions fade, as they often do after January."

It is not just checking that everything is in good working condition under a vehicle's bonnet which can help keep the car on the road throughout the winter months though.

GEM Motoring Assist pointed out that dirt lying on a motor's exterior will eventually abrade the paint and corrode the bodywork.

In order to avoid such problems from developing, drivers are advised to take some time out of their routine to give their beloved car a thorough wash. This activity should not just include splashing the bonnet and windows with water, but also get into dirt that has developed beneath the vehicle's wheel arches and under its floor.

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