How to make your car battery last longer

How to make your car battery last longer 23rd February 2015

Like most car parts, batteries have a finite life span, which means that no matter how well you drive and how careful you are over how you use your battery, you will need to change it at some point. However, by looking after the battery properly, you can extend its lifespan and necessitate fewer new purchases, saving yourself some welcome cash in the process.

The RAC says flat batteries are one of the biggest reasons for call outs every year, with half a million cases on average. Most people will find they need to change the battery every two to three years. But how can you make sure yours lasts longer? There are a few top tips all drivers should remember. 

Limit short trips

The most taxing task for a car battery is getting the vehicle to start, and in cold conditions this is more challenging. If you are continuously asking the car to start without letting the battery to recharge, it will run out a lot quicker, particularly in winter. To give your battery a better lifespan, try bringing a number of errands together into one longer drive. 

Long periods of inactivity

If you are going away for a while and not using your car, have you considered the minor strains this will put on your battery? Little things like the clock and digital mileometer can cause the battery to slowly drain. It might seem like a little thing, but over the course of a couple of weeks, it can cause the battery to run flat. Try disconnecting it while you're away. 


Finally, winter is the period where your battery is under the most strains. The majority of cars that won't start do so in the winter months, when the cold weather drains the charge quicker. To avoid this, you can buy insulation sheets, much the same as you would for pipes in the home, that help keep the cold at bay. 

Posted by Danielle Barge