IAM calls for traffic education to become part of national curriculum

IAM calls for traffic education to become part of national curriculum 22nd January 2015

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has claimed that many lives could be saved on British roads by adding traffic education to the national curriculum.

At the moment, the first time drivers are likely to encounter any real notion of learning about the rules of the road is when they come to tackle their first driving lessons, but IAM wants to see schools teaching people how to stay safe while on the road. 

Neil Greig, IAM director of policy and research, said: “Unless it’s part of the curriculum, it won’t become part of a young person’s thinking and educators won’t be obliged to teach it. Other countries have teaching on road safety as part of primary and secondary education, so why should we not have it too?”

IAM said that school-level traffic education is already a reality in a number of different countries, with the likes of Belgium, the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, Italy, Spain and Latvia all having made it mandatory and a number of other nations having voluntary schemes. 

According to figures from the RAC, nearly 12 per cent of all crashes on UK roads at the moment involve a driver aged between 17 and 19-years old. This is despite them only making up 1.5 per cent of all drivers on the road. The figure rises to 22 per cent for those aged between 17 and 24, according to official government figures. 

Brake also reported that 23 per cent of 18 to 24-year olds are involved in an accident within two years of passing their test, which would seem to back IAM's campaign to have more traffic education in the national curriculum to tell young people how to drive safely. 

As well as driving craft, however, lessons would also be able to teach youngsters about vehicle maintenance and how this affects the safety of their car, such as showing them how to know when it's the right time to take their car in for a full service or an oil change

Posted by Danielle Barge