Insurance write-off vehicles ‘are not entirely out of bounds’

29th January 2013

Drivers who are in the market for a deal on their next set of wheels have been advised to consider buying a car that is classed as an insurance write-off.

James Foxall, a Daily Telegraph motoring columnist with 21 years in the industry, believes that the history of these vehicles "doesn't make them out of bounds – to the right buyer".

One aspect which motorists must make note of though is the different categories of insurance write-offs. Categories A and B can be ignored immediately, as any vehicle marked in these sections must be scrapped or never used again on the road.

Meanwhile, cars classed to be Category C write-offs can be repaired, but the price of purchasing the parts and labour will exceed the value of the vehicle itself. Only enthusiastic drivers should look at products in this sector.

Category D write-off vehicles are more economically repairable, meaning motorists will not be left out of pocket, but cars are usually placed in this group as the work being done to the motor could well make them expensive to insure.

The most sensible option for drivers after great value for money without much fuss is to opt for a Category X write-off car, as the vehicle can be easily repaired and, in frequent circumstances, are still roadworthy. In fact, many motors found in this class are only here as they have been recovered stolen.

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