Looking after a leisure battery is key for caravan owners.

16th January 2014

As the weather takes a turn for the worse it is unlikely you will be making use of your caravan. For many that means taking the caravan off the road and storing it in a garage on the drive, but it cannot just be forgotten about, as there are a number of things you can do to make sure the caravan is in tip-top condition when spring comes and you get back out onto the roads.

One of the most important elements of winter caravan care is looking after your leisure battery, as a long period of inaction can cause damage and impact its performance.

Going round the caravan and ensuring all the appliances are in the off position and removing any plugs will ensure that your battery is not being drained over the winter. Remember that anything left on standby mode will gradually drain the battery over the winter period.

However, there is always the chance you will forget one or two appliances, so if you are going to leave your leisure battery in the caravan it is important to isolate it from all 12V equipment by means on the the unit's isolation switch or by simply disconnecting it.

If you do disconnect the battery it is important to remember that it will discharge itself over time and once left in this state storage capacity will never be restored. Therefore, if disconnecting it, you should take it home and charge it periodically, to ensure it is in perfect condition when the warmer weather returns.

Other tips for winter care include leaving fixed beds in the open position to aid the circulation of air around the caravan, leaving blinds with a spring mechanism open to prevent the spring from stretching over time and leaving locker and wardrobe doors open to optimise ventilation.

It is also important to drain your caravan of water before the winter period, which means opening all of the taps, drain valves and removing any drainage plugs. Removing the shower head and shaking it free of water is also advised.

Posted by Danielle Barge