More road safety needed on the school run

More road safety needed on the school run 29th March 2015

Aside from the commute, the school run is one of the busiest periods on British roads, but according to a new survey, mums and dads across the country are not taking road safety as seriously as they should when making these trips.

The study, conducted by the road safety charity Brake, found that 24 per cent of the 1,000 parents surveyed admit to not looking around them or slowing down on the approach to a school or nursery where they are dropping off or collecting their child. 

It went on to say that a staggering 32 per cent also said that they pay even less attention to safety issues when they are around a school that their own child does not attend.

When it comes to other parents, 59 per cent said they had witnessed other road users speeding when they are near a school. Three in ten also went on to add that they have seen children in cars on the school run not properly secured into safety seats. 

Other issues that parents regularly see on the school run include illegal parking, which almost two thirds (65 per cent) complained was a regular occurrence, and 60 per cent said they had seen people pulling out without looking. 

In addition, 47 per cent said parents were risking serious fines and points on their licence because they were using their phone on the road near schools, while 33 per cent had experienced or witnessed road rage. 

Safety should always be of paramount importance whenever on the road, especially when around the school run, and RAC spokesman Simon Williams said of the statistics: "These figures suggest however that the message is still not getting through. For some drivers, it seems that even the sight of the school gates is not enough of a reminder to stay focused on the road and what is going on around them."

In addition to making sure they are driving correctly, parents should ensure  their cars are in a roadworthy state to improve safety. In an area where signalling is important as parents stop to drop off children, for example, having all lights checked and replaced where necessary is vitally important.

Posted by Danielle Barge